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Early or Low-Grade
Organ Prolapse


Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where the muscles and tissues supporting the pelvic organs become weak or loose, causing one or more of the organs to drop or press into or out of the vagina. Early or low-grade organ prolapse is a milder form of this condition, often presenting with minimal symptoms. However, without proper intervention, it can progress over time.

Pelvic physical therapy is a non-surgical treatment option that can effectively manage early-stage pelvic organ prolapse, reducing symptoms and preventing further progression.

Understanding Early or Low-Grade Organ Prolapse

Early or low-grade organ prolapse can be a result of several factors, including childbirth, age, menopause, chronic constipation, heavy lifting, or obesity. Despite being less severe initially, it's crucial to address this condition proactively to prevent worsening symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Treating Early or Low-Grade Organ Prolapse with Pelvic Physical Therapy

Pelvic physical therapists are specially trained professionals who understand the unique structure and challenges of the pelvic area. They use a combination of techniques, such as exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, manual therapy, and education about lifestyle changes, to help manage and prevent the progression of organ prolapse.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Early or Low-Grade Organ Prolapse

Physical therapy for early or low-grade organ prolapse offers several benefits:

  • Reduction in symptoms such as discomfort, heaviness, or bulging in the pelvic area

  • Improved bladder and bowel control

  • Enhanced sexual function

  • Prevention of further progression of prolapse

  • Increased awareness of your pelvic floor muscles

What We Treat with Pelvic Physical Therapy

Our experienced pelvic physical therapists can help manage a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Early-stage bladder prolapse (cystocele)

  • Mild uterine prolapse

  • Low-grade rectal prolapse (rectocele)

At BeWhole Pelvic Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing effective, compassionate care for individuals suffering from early or low-grade organ prolapse. Our team of dedicated pelvic physical therapists is here to help you regain control over your pelvic health, reduce your symptoms, and enhance your daily functions.

Begin your journey to relief from early or low-grade organ prolapse today. Contact us to schedule your first appointment and let us guide you towards improved pelvic health.

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